Visiting artist: Michael Krebber and students

Thursday, 3. November, 16.00 Uhr, Aula All welcome, refreshments afterwards!! Michael Krebber has a professorship at Städelschule in Frankfurt. He visits the Surveillant Architectures seminar at KHM with his students from Frankfurt. This Aula event will take place Thursday, Donnerstag November 3rd for what will sure to be an exceptional time.  Afterwards snacks in the […]

[VIRTUAL_GROUP] Vision Quest – exchanging artifacts, streaming ideas

virtual_group (cologne) and School of intermedia art (hangzhou) present Vision Quest, an event of some (art) exchange and data-Streaming about how being looking forward to seeing (more).With the participation of art Institute of Basic Visual, Johannes AmoroSa, Malgorzata Calusinska, Chen Si, Vera Drebusch, Theresa Krause, Li Ming, Karin Lingnau, Henning Frederik Malz, Ou Wenting, Evelina […]

Performance: half dimensional poems by Tanya Ury

2001/02/24 Tanya Ury presents half dimensional poems as power point presentation and live performance, 7 pm, as part of the Jewish Cultural Days, at the Great Art Exhibition North Rhine Westphalia, in the Donnerhall, at the Kunst Palast, Kulturzentrum in Düsseldorf (D).

Surveillant Architectures Group: Seminar Summer 2011

viewing and production (talking, writing, pitching, critiquing, performing) TUE  6pm – 8pm screenings WED 10am – 1pm start April 5th 2011 room2, glasmoog, Filzengraben 2a pix: aep The seminar continues with an analysis of surveillant cultural practices. Where observation itself has become art, various forms-, films-, video surveillance have amplified and tested the role of […]

VIRTUAL_GROUP 4th streaming

VIRTUAL_GROUP is inviting you to participate in the upcoming broadcast TUE FEB 1st at 18 CET (17UTC) WED FEB 2nd at 11 CET (10 UTC) For the next streaming session VIRTUAL GROUP is going to introduce statements and actions referring to the two entities of “perception” and “safety”. On schedule are: a statement on […]

SA VIRTUAL Group: 2nd streaming

surveillance and self-surveillance are belonging to the actual setup of understanding and acting public space, intimacy and (tele-)communication, not only between individuals, but also between situations and “formats” of/for space. The figurative idea of Surveillant Architectures coined by artist Julia Scher, is (maybe?) not just referring to the imperative that, if you want to “understand” […]

SA VIRTUAL Group: 1st streaming

Surveillant Architectures (Virtual) Group: Referring to a contemporary cultural discourse around time, space,bodies, audience, public space and landscapes. Events series with guest speakers on site and via internet-streaming; VIRTUAL will refer to readings and lectures or interviews with surveillance >specialists< and >privileged observers< of phenomena involved in the shift of borders between public or semi-public […]