Women under Surveillance


In hidden corners across South Korea, tiny cameras are surreptitiously recording thousands of women when they are at their most vulnerable. Women have come to fear that cameras could be anywhere: perched inside the toilet bowl of a public restroom, disguised as a smoke detector in a shop’s fitting room, even rolled into a plastic […]

Women under Surveillance Symposium

Please scroll down for English version Symposium 2. & 3. Dezember 2015 Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln Filzengraben 2, 50676 Köln http://wus.khm.de   Das zweitägige Symposium Women under Surveillance tritt vermeintlich neutralen Definitionen von Überwachung entgegen. Es führt einen künstlerischen und interdisziplinären Dialog über Überwachung im Digitalzeitalter. Dieses Bezugsfeld wird dabei mit einem besonderen Fokus auf […]

Surveillance Self-Defense for LGBTQ kids

More timely than ever, now that Germany again wants to retain everyone’s data. Forward this to anyone who might need it… The latest addition to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Surveillance Self-Defense series is a set of tools and instructions aimed specifically at LGBTQ kids, who have unique threat models (being outed) and adversaries (homophobic friends, […]

Semesterapparat for Women under Surveillance

Semesterapparat Women under Surveillance KHM WS 2014/15 Exposed. voyeurism, surveillance and the camera These selected essays: 1. Looking Out, Looking In, Voyeurism and its affinities from the beginning of photography, Sandra S. Phillips 3. Voyeurism and Desire, Sandra S. Phillips 4. Celebrity and the Public Gaze, Sandra S. Phillips 5. Surveillance, Sandra S. Phillips 6. […]