“How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism”

Cory Doctorow’s answer to Shoshana Zuboff’s thesis. A long read, but well worth it. What if the trauma of living through real conspiracies all around us — conspiracies among wealthy people, their lobbyists, and lawmakers to bury inconvenient facts and evidence of wrongdoing (these conspiracies are commonly known as “corruption”) — is making people vulnerable to conspiracy […]

face off

Exhibition in room2January 15-18, 2020  Rubee Fegan Valia Fetisov Luise Flügge Kurt Heuvens Ella Kühn Paula Pedraza Jascha Sommer Liang Zhu Works from the seminar face off  In the current time of mass extension and digital erasure, the works on view probe the uneasiness about life today. Working through art as a conduit, students rebuild with […]


CRYPTOPARTY26 November, 18.00 hGLASMOOG, KHM Digitale Selbstverteidigung, Workshop, Austausch und Gespräche zur Emanzipation aus der technologisch bedingten Ohnmacht CryptoPartys sind eine globale DIY-Initiative zur Vermittlung von konkretem Wissen rund um das Thema digitale Selbstverteidigung: Welche Grundkenntnisse sind nötig, um sich selbstbestimmt und sicher im Netz bewegen und kommunizieren zu können? Was sind die ersten Schritte? […]

A Cultural History of Surveillance – updated

A historical overview of landmark events and developments in systematised watching, throughout art and architecture, society and technology. ~60 AD (Roman Period). Early manifestations of panoptic labor camps in the Negev desert. An even older but similar site nearby dates from Early Bronze Age II–III periods (3000–2400 BC). 1546 The Fields Have Eyes, The Woods […]

This is your phone on feminism | How to fix our disturbingly unequal relationship with smartphones

… btw, looking forward to the upcoming CrypoParty @ Glasmoog on 26 November 2019, where we will have a workshop, exchange and conversations to emancipate from technologically conditioned powerlessness! Here are some of the ways our unequal relationship with our smartphones is like an abusive relationship:  They isolate us from deeper, competing relationships in favour […]

room2 @ Rundgang 2019

Speaking of the “other” can happen in different forms and dimensions. “Otherness” may include subjects and objects – it all depends on the position of the observer. THE INTERIOR LIVES OF OTHERS is a joint exhibition by Anna Ehrenstein, Will Fredo, Ai Kobayashi, Hend Samy, Bela Usabaev and Myrto Vratsanou, in which the artists engage […]