Visiting artist Kerstin Ergenzinger

11:30 h
Wednesday June 6 2018
Visiting sound and space artist Kerstin Ergenzinger will present her work on June 6th at 11:30h in room2.
In the new “Navigating Noise”, “Acts of Orientation” and other works, Kerstin Ergenzinger plays with the sonic as a cultural formatting of sound and more. She’s sonic and holistic and full of techno sonic knowledge.
Figuring out noise is only one side to her multi-pronged work.  The body and perception figure heavily:

“Central themes within Kerstin’s artistic investigations are the inextricable relation between the body and the world, between perception and the perceived, between sensing and sense-making.”

This special visit will include an introduction to her field of sonic architectures. She will detail her research and productions, and describe how she finds and repurposes light, sound, kinetics and traditional media towards farther thinking investigations. New notable achievements can be seen and experienced through her workin installation, electronic arts, sculpture and drawing.

Since 2016 Kerstin Ergenzingerhas been a fellow of the Berlin Center for Advanced Studies at the University of the Arts Berlin where she is working on a two year project called “Rhythmic Textures”. Recent shows include zeich[n]enKunstmuseum Bonn; Acts of Orientation, Schering Stiftung, Berlin; and unREAL: The Agorithmic Present, House of Electronic Arts, Basel and Chronus Arts Center, Shanghai.

Mid Term Review – Winter 2017

30 minute slots, presenting work-in-progress in small hotel rooms

Guest critic: Reut Shemesh

TUESDAY 5th December 2017 from 16.30 to 20.30 h

WEDNESDAY 6th December 2017 from 09.45 to 12.00 h

@ Motel One, Köln-Waidmarkt, Tel-Aviv-Strasse 6

room numbers will be posted to Megaphon as soon as we have checked in on Tuesday


— everyone welcome to practise with us — just turn up on time to join the review —



Mid Term Review Winter 2017 by Nikolai

poster by Nikolai

Jake Applebaum at Schauspiel Köln & Update

Unmissable events at Schauspiel Köln: A play about Wikileaks and the NSA, a panel discussion with, among other figures central to current affairs, Jake Applebaum, and on Sunday, the beginning of a discussion series called Surviving under Surveillance.

Saturday 23 Nov 2013: Assassinate Assange – Reloaded
von Angela Richter
Regie: Angela Richter

Sunday 24 Nov: Assassinate Assange – Reloaded
von Angela Richter
Regie: Angela Richter
Anschliessend Diskussionsreihe
Überleben unter Überwachung
Jacob Appelbaum lädt ein

We’ll make the Sunday events an excursion, keep your ticket and receipt, and we’ll reimburse you.

Some selected material on Applebaum: His keynote talk at last year’s Chaos Communication Congress:

And an interview in N+1 mag. Note, both of these are from before the NSA revelations, and in retrospect look quite lucent. Quote:

But the thing is, taking precautions with your communications is like safe sex in that you have a responsibility to other people to be safe—your transgressions can fuck other people over. The reality is that when you find out it will be too late. It’s not about doing a perfect job, it’s about recognizing you have a responsibility to do that job at all, and doing the best job you can manage, without it breaking down your ability to communicate, without it ruining your day, and understanding that sometimes it’s not safe to undertake an action, even if other times you would.



I have some comments and notes that I would like to share with you, but please post yours here below first (anonymously if you like).

A good and a bad review:,15189520,25127138.html

The bad one is more interesting:

If I may translate the last paragraph, about the power of art:

“All the theater would need to do, in order to do justice to the issues at heart, is ‘just’ to develop the self-confidence and go back to its roots and trust its artistic powers and possibilities. Then it would be, by pulling the audience into a process of understanding that is, by being subjective, ambiguous, playful and exceeding the simple transmission of information, the last public space that the NSA can not spy on. A medium that would be as suspicious as it would be indispensable.”

Im Original:

“Dabei müsste das Theater, um dem Thema gerecht zu werden, „nur“ das Selbstbewusstsein entwickeln, sich auf die eigenen Wurzeln zu besinnen und seinen künstlerischen Möglichkeiten zu vertrauen. Dann wäre es, wie es den Zuschauer in einen subjektiven, vieldeutigen, spielerischen, über die bloße Mitteilungsebene weit hinausgehenden Verstehensprozess zieht, der letzte öffentliche Ort, in den die NSA nicht hineinspionieren kann. Und als Medium so verdächtig wie unverzichtbar.”

MID TERM REVIEW next week!

artwork by Aino


December 4 & 5, 2012

Ten 30-minute slots, presenting work-in-progress in a hotel room. Guest critics including Kathy Rae Huffman, Eva Holling and others.

Dates: Dec 4, 16.00-19.30 h & Dec 5, 09.00 – 11.30 h
Location: King Georg Apartments, Sudermanstr. 2, 4th floor, 50670 Köln (U Bahn Ebertplatz)

Come and join us. If you’d also like to present something please contact: Julia Scher or Christian Sievers

Aliens welcome.

Surveillant Architectures Seminar,
Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Filzengraben 2a, 50676 Köln