poster by Paula

26 November, 18.00 h

Digitale Selbstverteidigung, Workshop, Austausch und Gespräche zur Emanzipation aus der technologisch bedingten Ohnmacht

CryptoPartys sind eine globale DIY-Initiative zur Vermittlung von konkretem Wissen rund um das Thema digitale Selbstverteidigung: Welche Grundkenntnisse sind nötig, um sich selbstbestimmt und sicher im Netz bewegen und kommunizieren zu können? Was sind die ersten Schritte? Wir helfen beim Einstieg in die Rückeroberung der Datenhoheit.

Im Zentrum des Workshops stehen Themen wie Sicherheit im Netz, Anonymität, Verschlüsselung und private Kommunikation, Anpassung der eigenen Geräte, Alternativen zum Mainstream. Bitte Rechner mitbringen, um direkt vor Ort loslegen zu können. Auch am Smartphone kann man noch einiges optimieren, diese sind aber wesentlich weniger anpassungsfähig.

Für fortgeschrittene Anwender sind auch diesmal wieder Ansprechpartner vom Kölner Chaos Computer Club und aus der freien Szene dabei, um Hilfestellung bei spezifischeren Fragestellungen zu geben.

Eine Initiative der Surveillant Architectures Group, GLASMOOG und

Workshop, exchange and conversations to emancipate from technologically conditioned powerlessness 

CryptoPartys are a global DIY initiative to communicate concrete knowledge about digital self-defense: What basic skills are necessary to be able to move and communicate self-determinedly and securely on the Internet? What are the first steps? We help you to get started in the re-conquest of data sovereignty. The workshop focuses on topics such as security on the net, anonymity, encryption and private communication, adapting one’s own devices, alternatives to the mainstream. Please bring your own computer with you so that you can get started right away. There is also some potential for optimization on smartphones, but these are much less adaptable. For advanced users, our contacts from the Cologne Chaos Computer Club and from the independent scene will once again be there to help with more specific questions.

An initiative of the Surveillant Architectures Group, GLASMOOG and

This is your phone on feminism | How to fix our disturbingly unequal relationship with smartphones

… btw, looking forward to the upcoming CrypoParty @ Glasmoog on 26 November 2019, where we will have a workshop, exchange and conversations to emancipate from technologically conditioned powerlessness!

Here are some of the ways our unequal relationship with our smartphones is like an abusive relationship: 

They isolate us from deeper, competing relationships in favour of superficial contact – ‘user engagement’ – that keeps their hold on us strong. Working with social media, they insidiously curate our social lives, manipulating us emotionally with dark patterns to keep us scrolling.

They tell us the onus is on us to manage their behavior. It’s our job to tiptoe around them and limit their harms. Spending too much time on a literally-designed-to-be-behaviorally-addictive phone? They send company-approved messages about our online time, but ban from their stores the apps that would really cut our use. We just need to use willpower. We just need to be good enough to deserve them.

They betray us, leaking data / spreading secrets. What we shared privately with them is suddenly public. Sometimes this destroys lives, but hey, we only have ourselves to blame. They fight nasty and under-handed, and are so, so sorry when they get caught that we’re meant to feel bad for them. But they never truly change, and each time we take them back, we grow weaker.

They love-bomb us when we try to break away, piling on the free data or device upgrades, making us click through page after page of dark pattern, telling us no one understands us like they do, no one else sees everything we really are, no one else will want us.  

It’s impossible to just cut them off. They’ve wormed themselves into every part of our lives, making life without them unimaginable. And anyway, the relationship is complicated. There is love in it, or there once was. Surely we can get back to that if we just manage them the way they want us to?

 Nope. Our devices are basically gaslighting us. They tell us they work for and care about us, and if we just treat them right then we can learn to trust them. But all the evidence shows the opposite is true. This cognitive dissonance confuses and paralyses us.