facial recognition

postscript to the Biometrics presentation yesterday

Just a thought, regarding the representative function of portraits. The change is especially visible in ruler’s portraits. Take e.g. the Doge of Venice by Bellini, 1501: Presumably as with other portraits of this kind, copies were put up in official buildings all around the country. So that the Doge would always be present. This way, […]

Anti-Facial Recognition strategies defeated

We had some fun at my ‘Raumkontrolle’ block seminar, trying out our Netavis Observer ‘face recognition’ software on various anti-Anti-Facial Recognition strategies. Seems they all used the same (Open-CV?) algorithm, and while I’m sure these strategies work against that, our (not very reliable) software looked right through the make-up and noise-glasses. First test:  CV Dazzle […]

another Anti-Facial Recognition project

  We talked about Adam Harvey’s CV Dazzle project. Here is another idea, this time using LEDs to emit infrared light, invisible to the human eye, but captured by photo sensors. The infrared light works as noise, blocking that essential eye-to-nose bridge that facial recognition algorithms rely on. Article in German: http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/gadgets/gesichtserkennung-japanischer-forscher-entwickelt-tarn-brille-a-879251.html Update: Doesn’t seem to work! […]