Around the World Conference 2014 on Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age 2014 Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age The Around the World Conference is an experiment that brings together a research dialogue without the environmental cost of traditional conferences. Institutes and researchers are invited to participate either through presenting or by joining in the discussion. The conference is live-streamed world-wide and archived after the […]

let's Cryptoparty again

Mittwoch, 30. April 2014 ab 18.00 Uhr bis ca. 21.00 Uhr Workshops und freies Rumhängen Cryptopartys sind eine globale DIY-Initiative zur Emanzipation aus der technologischen Unmündigkeit. Wir meinen, das Thema der digitalen Rundum-Überwachung sollte gerade auch an der Kunsthochschule für Medien kritisch beleuchtet werden. Deshalb freuen wir uns besonders, bereits die zweite Cryptoparty zu veranstalten. […]

new developments

New Internet Monitor report: “Measuring Internet Activity” Internet Monitor is delighted to announce the publication of “Measuring Internet Activity: A (Selective) Review of Methods and Metrics,” the second in a series of special reports that focus on key events and new developments in Internet freedom, incorporating technical, legal, social, and political analyses. “Measuring Internet Activity,” […]

what paranoid networking physically looks like (and sounds like)

From a discussion about protecting yourself against most ‘black bag’ and ‘evil maid’ attacks. put distinctive scratches into all your peripherals, take a photo, and regularly check that the scratches are identical to the photo. This is how weapons inspectors ensure the seals protecting weapons caches have not been tampered with. The seals are scratched […]

Wikileaks targeting surveillance companies

There’s a new round of Wikileaks disclosures. Hurray! This time they are revealing internal documents from surveillance companies from around the world. If you want to know what’s possible, and where to get it from (if you have some spare change), check out As a starting point, you might want to have a look […]

Blog software updated

I managed to update our blog to the latest version of WordPress, so it’s now up and running again. Alas, the old theme by Florian doesn’t work any more, so please bear with us while we’re figuring out a new look for the blog! If you think you have a good idea for a design, […]