face off

Exhibition in room2
January 15-18, 2020 

Rubee Fegan
Valia Fetisov
Luise Flügge
Kurt Heuvens
Ella Kühn
Paula Pedraza
Jascha Sommer
Liang Zhu

Works from the seminar face off 

In the current time of mass extension and digital erasure, the works on view probe the uneasiness about life today. Working through art as a conduit, students rebuild with portraiture, theatre, landscape, and new data identities.

Of face and no face

Non face and anti face

Face of denial

And face of presence

Face of…choice

Evasion and embrace of confrontation 

To stumble into, to control, to extend, and to question the bandwidth of different possible readings of face off, live situative set-ups and media networks are presented. Included are internet-based work, performance, architectural intervention, photography, video sculpture and sound. Within these, are subjects of river and roadside humans, dummies and human digital doubles, landscapes and cheery questioning portraits.  Subject matters of watching, directing and consent are confronted.  A cozy environment of “help” shelters and comforts you in one instance then changes you in another.  A machine of electronic passage asks for you to show your face but then takes your face away.

Our relationship to desire, to discipline, and to performativity, can be bound up with the limits of the social codes at the place deployed.  This coded world “facing off” to itself, opens up in art- with still new unquestioned trajectories.

Seminar Multimedia, Performance, Surveillant Architectures, Department of Art, KHM, with Julia Scher and Christian Sievers