Interview with Michael Baldwin and Mel Ramsden Founded in Coventry (England) in 1968 by Michael Baldwin, Terry Atkinson, David Bainbridge and Harold Hurell, Art & Language brought together the work that these artists had been creating jointly since 1965. A year later, they published the first issue of the homonymous magazine Art-Language, a publication that reflected on theoretical problems of conceptual […]

Andrea Fraser materials: "I’m not really nude because I’m in quotation marks."

We looked at her work extensively today in seminar, but to recap and for further looking and reading, here’s a list of online materials. (Don’t forget there are quite a few catalogues in the KHM library; we also have a rare 1992 interview on VHS.) The show at the Ludwig opens this Saturday. Also, on Friday […]


CFP: The Second International Conference on TRANSDICIPLINARY IMAGING at the Intersections between Art, Science and Culture Takes place on 22 * 23, June at Victorian College of the Arts, Federation Hall, Grant Street, Southbank, Melbourne 3006 Call for papers: Interference strategies for art Deadline for Abstracts: March 30, 2012 The Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference seeks papers […]

CfPP: Gewächshaus Erinnerung – a project by thon&beuse

The project Gewächshaus Erinnerung by thon&beuse is concluded: documentation online under Gewächshaus Erinnerung Performative Installation, 30 Tigerbambusrohre, 2000 Meter imprägnierter Baumwollfaden, 100 Meter schwarzes Nylonseil, 100 Meter weisses Nylonseil, Draht, 1000 Sandwichboxen transparent, gesammelte/gespendete Erinnerungsstücke, gegossener Wurfanker, 2 Schekel. thonbeuse 2010 Schlagworte (Tags) Bewegungsmuster, Intim/Öffentlich, Erinnerungsmuster, Topographische Vernetzung/Verteilung, Erinnerung/Raum, Architektur, Baugeschichte, Erinnerung/Ritual, Erinnerung/Wandel, Kunst/Wort