Surveillance 102: The Golden Age

Summer Term 2019: Surveillance 102: The Golden Age Building on the subject matter covered in Surveillance 101, we take Gilles Deleuze’s “Postscript on the Societies of Control” as a starting point to address contemporary modes of surveillance: algorithmic, fluid, social, multifocal, networked. We’ll look at the different forms that systematic observation takes today and how […]

Winter Term readings & things to watch

Our topic for the Winter term 2017/18: Real, Fake and the Imaginary Here’s what to read and watch. The titles are in the library on the Semesterapparat shelf, unless otherwise noted. Adam Curtis –  Living in an Unreal World, trailer for HyperNormalisation, 2016 Adam Curtis  – HyperNormalisation, video essay, 2016, freely available online i.e. […]

Mid Term Review – May 2017

Tue May 9, 16.50 – 20.40 h / Wed May 10, 09.00 – 11.40 h, 2017 @ Hotel ibis Koeln Centrum, Neue Weyerstraße, Köln 30 minute slots, presenting work-in-progress in small hotel rooms sign up with us if you’d like to present something, or just turn up on time to join the review  

Networkings Workshop

two days of intense command-line hackery. I really liked that moment when everybody realized at the same time that you can commandeer other people’s computers with ssh, and started changing passwords, hostnames or rebooted each other’s machines. workshop worksheets are here: