SA VIRTUAL Group: 2nd streaming


surveillance and self-surveillance are belonging to the actual setup of understanding and acting public space, intimacy and (tele-)communication, not only between individuals, but also between situations and “formats” of/for space.

The figurative idea of Surveillant Architectures coined by artist Julia Scher, is (maybe?) not just referring to the imperative that,
if you want to “understand” – explore, discuss, maybe practice – surveillance, then you have to “think on” or to “argue with” architecture/s,
but much more that there is a kind of (post historic?) perspective on the issues of public space, intimacy, questioning the privatization of spaces, the publicity of privacy, the defensible attitude of semi-public spaces, the generalized practice of “doing” public opinion – making opinions and preferences public -:
all this could be asked to declare itself as surveillance-related, in a surveillant perspective.

VIRTUAL_GROUP is inviting you to participate in the upcoming broadcast

TUE NOV 30th at 18 CET (17UTC)
WED DEC 1st at 11 CET (10 UTC)