Andrea Fraser materials: "I’m not really nude because I’m in quotation marks."

We looked at her work extensively today in seminar, but to recap and for further looking and reading, here’s a list of online materials. (Don’t forget there are quite a few catalogues in the KHM library; we also have a rare 1992 interview on VHS.)

The show at the Ludwig opens this Saturday. Also, on Friday 21. June, 2013, at 19h, there is a we’ll see the Europe-premiere of her new performance : “Men on the Line” (Museum Ludwig cinema.) Recommended!

2001 Little Frank and His Carp (Video, 6 minutes, on

2003 “Official Welcome (Hamburger Kunstverein)” (Video, 30 minutes, on
In part I this interview she talks about this piece and about the part where she strips naked. Quote:

“It is my body, in this underwear. And then I take the underwear off and I’m nude; I joke that, yes, I finally joined the grand old tradition of nudie performance art. And my other joke is that I’m not really nude because I’m in quotation marks. But, of course, I am.

Part of the reason I decided to do that was precisely to close that gap, to collapse the distance between myself as the artist named Andrea Fraser and these other positions that I was performing. And to make that distancing more difficult and problematic.”

In the 2nd part of the interview she talks about later works and writings, including “Men on the Line”, later to be shown here in Cologne (you can download the interview as a podcast here):

2011  Texte zur Kunst, “Speaking of the Social World” / “Über die soziale Welt sprechen” (German translation)

The Whitney website holds her contribution to the 2012 Whitney Biennial: “L’1% C’est Moi” & “There’s No Place Like Home”