room2 @ Rundgang 2019

Speaking of the “other” can happen in different forms and dimensions. “Otherness” may include subjects and objects – it all depends on the position of the observer. THE INTERIOR LIVES OF OTHERS is a joint exhibition by Anna Ehrenstein, Will Fredo, Ai Kobayashi, Hend Samy, Bela Usabaev and Myrto Vratsanou, in which the artists engage with perceptions of the “other” and their interiority with diverse working methodologies. 

Anna Ehrenstein’s multimedia installation deals with the embodied manifestation of cultural phenomena in the digital and analogue object. Consisting of lenticular prints, sculptural and textile works “A Lotus is A Lotus” explores the western desire for consumption of difference and the present day circulation, distribution and consumption of exotica.

In addition, Will Fredo’s video installation “Enclosures” questions the meaning and influence of certain buzzwords prominent in global arts circles from the perspective of queer men who live in Chinese metropolises.

Ai Kobayashi’s video work “LIVE ceremony” consists of a recorded one-person performance which deals with the Japanese traditional wedding ceremony and looks at its gender roles.

Hend Samy’s live performance includes spoken word and video where the artist embodies various roles in her nightmares of historically significant events, places and subjects including a repetitious white chicken.

In the durational performance “Just Me. self test 1.”, Bela Usabaev works on breaking a double bind. Inconsistent perception is addressed by meticulous screening, in search for non-fictional facts that are shared with others.

Myrto Vratsanou’s moving image work “Free Immersion Notes” revolves around the non- linear narrations of a bodilless character, she is reflecting on being scattered, connected through digital clutter, hoarding, haunting, glitches and relocations.

While Kurt Heuvens’ still and moving image installation feature his visual travel-log across Germany including subjects whose interiority is speculated.