call for proposals for Sigint Conference artworks

Dear all,

as mentioned a couple of weeks ago, you have the chance to show some artworks at the SIGINT 2012. The SIGINT is a huge conference of the Chaos Computer Club, which will take place in May 18th-20th in Mediapark, Köln.
More info here:

I had a meeting with my friend who helps organizing the event and had a look at the possible exhibition space. The idea was spreading artworks all over the place… Here are some pictures I took, so you get an idea.
The CCC has rented 2 buildings, in one building there will be mostly lectures, in the other there will be hackers sitting around, doing crazy things. If you are interested in showing a piece and getting in touch with them, please send me an email with your proposal until April 15th!

See you soon :-)

resenka {AT}

UPDATE: there’s a sneak preview of talks & lectures online now