KHM-Beiträge beim Weather Tunnel Project, Peking

Susanna Schönbergs ‘Blind Spots’ und anderes beim Weather Tunnel Project, Peking

Amidst the global challenges of climate and ecological crises that threaten the very existence of humanity, the exhibition TransLife reflects on the whereabouts of humankind in relationship to nature through an unique perspective and philosophical speculation, calling for citizen participation in facing these imminent challenges with artistic imagination to advocate a new world view of nature and a retooled humanist proposition.

My projection objects Blind Spots are part of the exhibition section Weather Tunnel. Produced with the support of KHM Academy of Media Arts Cologne, the Blind Spots are designed as closed entities for (environmental) data visualization. The data are provided in real time by the Beijing Weather Tunnel sensors’ node developed by Parsons The New School for Design, School of Art, Media and Technology.