understanding computers?

“…our inability to describe and understand technological infrastructure reduces our critical reach, leaving us both disempowered and, quite often, vulnerable.” James Bridle “Again it comes back to infrastructure and how our inability to describe and understand reduces our critical reach, leaving us both disempowered and, quite often, vulnerable. Opacity is an important word here too, […]

Thomas Levin

Thomas Levin will be giving a talk at Uni Köln on 22.11.2011 at 19.30h. To make sure we’ll get there in time and we can actually get in (there may be a big crowd and at Uni Köln it’s usually packed!), we’ll meet in front of room2 at 18.30h.   Update: Video documentation of […]


Required reading for the seminar: The catalogue for the 2001 ZKM exhibition CTRL [SPACE]  – Rhetorics of Surveillance from Bentham to Big Brother. It’s in the Semesterapparat in the library, also Christian has a copy that you can come and borrow (if you promise to treat it well). Plus the artist’s pages are still online […]

Transmediale 2011 / Berlin: GATHERINGS 1: EVENT, AGENCY, AND PROGRAM

Performative Lecture by Jordan Crandall (2010) Start: 03.02.2011 20:00 End: 03.02.2011 22:30 Location: Auditorium In a modern, calculative world, the techniques of tracking are steadily increasing everywhere. Augmented by algorithmic procedures and analytics, they have been incorporated into distributed network systems, augmented by new sensing and locationing technologies, and embedded into all manner of mobile […]

SA VIRTUAL Group: 2nd streaming

surveillance and self-surveillance are belonging to the actual setup of understanding and acting public space, intimacy and (tele-)communication, not only between individuals, but also between situations and “formats” of/for space. The figurative idea of Surveillant Architectures coined by artist Julia Scher, is (maybe?) not just referring to the imperative that, if you want to “understand” […]