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Around the World Conference 2014 on Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age 2014 Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age The Around the World Conference is an experiment that brings together a research dialogue without the environmental cost of traditional conferences. Institutes and researchers are invited to participate either through presenting or by joining in the discussion. The conference is live-streamed world-wide and archived after the […]

At The Control Room – Patrick Raddatz According to a legend, the then newly elected president of the USA, Ronald Reagan, asked upon introduction to the White House: ‘Where is the War Room?’. At The Control Room is a visual study of work environments like Control and Observation Room, in which complex and integrated work processes are reduced to a few cues […]

Interview with Michael Baldwin and Mel Ramsden Founded in Coventry (England) in 1968 by Michael Baldwin, Terry Atkinson, David Bainbridge and Harold Hurell, Art & Language brought together the work that these artists had been creating jointly since 1965. A year later, they published the first issue of the homonymous magazine Art-Language, a publication that reflected on theoretical problems of conceptual […]