VIRTUAL_GROUP 4th streaming

VIRTUAL_GROUP is inviting you to participate in the upcoming broadcast TUE FEB 1st at 18 CET (17UTC) WED FEB 2nd at 11 CET (10 UTC) For the next streaming session VIRTUAL GROUP is going to introduce statements and actions referring to the two entities of “perception” and “safety”. On schedule are: a statement on […]

SA VIRTUAL Group: 2nd streaming

surveillance and self-surveillance are belonging to the actual setup of understanding and acting public space, intimacy and (tele-)communication, not only between individuals, but also between situations and “formats” of/for space. The figurative idea of Surveillant Architectures coined by artist Julia Scher, is (maybe?) not just referring to the imperative that, if you want to “understand” […]

SA VIRTUAL Group: 1st streaming

Surveillant Architectures (Virtual) Group: Referring to a contemporary cultural discourse around time, space,bodies, audience, public space and landscapes. Events series with guest speakers on site and via internet-streaming; VIRTUAL will refer to readings and lectures or interviews with surveillance >specialists< and >privileged observers< of phenomena involved in the shift of borders between public or semi-public […]

No Territory: AnarchoArtLab at The Living Theater Sunday January 17th, 8pm – Midnight @ THE LIVING THEATER No Territory: The AnarchoArtLab will respond to the news that our home and a brave New York institution, The Living Theater, will shutter its doors in 2010. This multi-media, interdisciplinary event will plumb the varied meanings of territory, property, ownership, and the individuals right […]

CfPP / Bringt eure Bücher – Aktion by thonbeuse (extended)

“Im Frühjahr 1933 wurde bereits mit der sogenannten “Aktion wider den undeutschen Geist” begonnen, die vor allem der Deutschen Studentenschaft (DST) durchgeführt wurde. Den vorläufigen Höhepunkt dieser Aktionen bildeten die sogenannten Büpcherverbrennungen auf öffentlichen Plätzen in der Nacht vom 10. auf den 11. Mai 1933. Diese sichtbaren Symbole einer repressiven Kulturpolitik waren ein inszenatorisches, ein […]

Create your public intervention – action with Charlie Todd and Improv Everywhere

THU⁄FRI, July 9th and 10th 09 Improv Everywhere is known for their Performances in New York and their movies on You Tube. … More under http:⁄⁄⁄. If you want to partecipate to their mobile action in cologne please contact